Mijas Mayor denies he called Almodovar a paedophile

Reckons the whole thing is a setup.

The fuss comes from a screenshot of the private Facebook group of the Mijas PP party. A party member uploaded a video of the famous film director Pedro Almodovar using his acceptance speech at the European Film Awards to attack the PP party in Spain, under which the Mayor allegedly left a comment saying…

“He’s corrupt and a paedophile, what do you expect…”

Screenshots quickly started to circulate on the social media. But the Mayor has denied he wrote this, and claims the whole thing was a setup by his political opponents, and added that this isn’t the first time a computer savvy opponent has tried to smear his name using fake screenshots.

But the PSOE in Mijas have been making gains out of the fuss, and have demanded that he make a public apology to “a great man of our nation, a man who has a great reputation internationally”. And the issue has been escalated, as today the secretary of institutional policy of the PSOE-A added his voice to the demands for an apology.

Bad joke, deliberate insult or a setup? Who knows?

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