Marbella abandons skyscraper plans

Marbella has overturned a previous planning permission to permit five massive skyscrapers to be built in the iconic town, and has withdrawn all permits, after a huge citizen protest movement against the plans. (See here for more on the plans)

The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, said that the citizens had spoken and her administration had responded.

A previous change to the urban

One of the projected 55 story skyscrapers
One of the projected 55 story skyscrapers

plan which would have permitted several 55 story skyscrapers to be built has been voted out, returning the urban plan to its previous state. However, a joint request by all three opposition parties (PSOE, IU and Opción Sampedreña) that the urban plan be modified to forbid such buildings in the future was rejected by the ruling PP.

The infamous Duchess of Alba was the latest public figure to throw her weight behind the no-vote, after she said last week the plans were horrible and treason to the heritage of Marbella.

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