2 Coppers in El Ejido sent down for drug dealing

4 years each and €200,000 fine.

They were first arrested in 2009, but were allowed to keep working on the frontline until the supreme court decided on their fate. Hey, innocent until proven guilty, even if you are caught with your hand in the proverbial till.

The boys were caught in a bar with 13 kilos of hashish in 2009, with a street value of €65,000. It’s not known where they got the drugs from (gee, I don’t know, their connections? the police store cupboard?)

They were stung by an undercover operation against police corruption being carried out by the Policia Nacional.

Almería court had originally ruled that they were guilty last year and had sent them down. But since they appealed, they were allowed to keep working until the Supreme Court decided on their appeal.

The story doesn’t say whether they will be allowed to continue working as Local Police after they are released from jail.

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