Police boss sold seized goods to equip coppers

The cuts are affecting the police of Catalonia, the mossos.

It’s either a great excuse or a poor sign of things to come: A mosso boss in Tarragona has been reprimanded for selling goods seized by his unit at CashConverters to pay for police equipment his unit couldn’t otherwise afford.

DavidJackson.info has his doubts about the whole scam, but being an admirer of his kneecaps, refuses to gainsay the most violent police force in Spain. But still, why not? Rather than having the stuff in a warehouse, get it moving around. Unless he was selling off the annual Xmas container load of dangerous toys seized by the consumer lot.

An investigation by internal standards showed that the copper was taking things down to local second hand good stores, getting the cash, and then paying for the unspecified police equipment, after approval had been rejected by the budget controllers.

A spokesperson for the Mossos said that the commander had been disciplined, but as he had kept meticulous accounts and could prove he had not personally benefited from the sales, the matter was a disciplinary one only and he would not lose his job.

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