Tijola takes €750,000 second prize in lottery

The second prize of yesterdays lottery was sold in Tijola (Almería) by Isabel Berruezo Segura & Diego Gea who own the local lottery shop.

The second prize of El Niño was 69362, a number that was only sold over the counter. Each decimo (ticket) was worth €75,000.

Above is the group photo of some of the lucky winners.

The El Niño is fiendishly complicated – each number is divided into 10 tickets (two strips of 5). Each of these is thus sub-divided into groups of 10. But each number is then assigned a series.

So you get 50 series of 100,000 tickets each (from 000,000 to 999,999) and each ticket costs 200€, divided into decimos of 20€ each.

In other words: several other towns across Spain also sold the second prize, because it was divided up into 10 tickets which were sent to different shops. One of them was Tijola. So €750,000 was pumped into the local economy via 10 lucky people.

Get it?


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