Madrid’s most famous disco goes bust

Buddha del Mar, or as it was recently renamed, Oh! Madrid, has gone bust.

It was the most famous nightclub in Madrid, a disco where the famous off the TV rubbed shoulders with the Real Madrid players. It was known for a while as the La Roja’s local, since the Real Madrid lot such as Guti or Sergio Ramos were there almost on a nightly basis.

But high prices, a collapse in the Spanish economy, an expensive rent and a persecution by Madrid townhall of all discos after the Madrid Arena disaster (expensive modifications necessary, new emergency exits and more control over the people in there at night) meant the organisers couldn’t keep up with the rent.

Spanish A-Listers at Oh! Madrid: Arantxa de Benito, Felipe López, Natalia Sánchez, Óscar Lozano & Rossy de Palma

The Lozano brothers who run (ran) Oh! Madrid were thrown out this week after failing to meet Decembers rent payments. The emblematic and incredibly expensive Thai restaurant that was also hosted there has likewise been closed.

The building needs to undergo some extensive modifications before Madrid will give it a new opening license, according to sources.

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