“Sir” Nigel Goldman update

I see with interest that my previous posts on this character – wanted in Spain for trading and investing with a license, dispensing financial advice on Spectrum FM and in the EuroWeeklyNews without a license, and losing almost a million euros of his clients money – are receiving high traffic.

Well over a thousand individual hits, most from up and down the coast, lots of subscribers and quite a few site searches.

Well, Paul contacts me from the UK and reckons he ran into Goldman in Fez, Morocco a couple of days ago (which is where he’d setup his dodgy offshore company to evade paying Spanish tax).

Despite Goldman telling everyone he was back in the UK…. well, he’s hardly likely to spend Christmas shivering in a bedsit flat in London, dreading the Official Knock of the Met on the door, is he? Not when he’s got everyone’s cash and connections in Morocco.

The EWN (backpeddling from their previous association with the man – he was their star “restaurant Critic”, Financial Advice Columnist, Mrs EWN’s  favourite Charity Auctioneer, and her personal friend – pulled the wool over her eyes!) reckons that Sky News are after him for an interview, and that he’s ripped people off for over €800,00, and has confessed to doing so in writing to the newspaper.

Mrs EWN says of Nigel Goldman that:

Mr E. and myself enjoyed a long leisurely lunch down at the Beach House with Sir Nigel Goldman – a very colourful larger than life personality that one could ever wish to meet.Sir Nigel is without doubt one of the best dinner guests you could ever invite around the supper table.He is witty,intelligent,well read and his stories are the most fanciful around – true or false they are so entertaining it would be churlish to quibble about such incidentals as truthfulness.He is adorable

For some reason, instead of handing all this nonsense over to the proper authorities for investigation, the EWN say they have been “talking long into the night with Goldman” and “want to help him”, despite saying that “Goldman has admitted in writing to owing as much as €800,000 [..] and being involved in a ponzi scheme.”. Anyway. Not very responsible!

On a more serious note than all this expat gossip, the Guardia Civil are very interested in speaking to anyone who has had financial dealings with this individual and have asked me to remind everyone to come forward.

No blame is being attached to individuals who have invested with this man and then discovered he is breeching Spanish tax laws, so don’t worry too much about that before making a denuncia, unless you really don’t want your name appearing on the copper list…. but since they have a lot of Goldman’s records, they can probably cross-reference you, and in that case, you’re calling more attention to yourself by being quiet. eh?

4 Replies to ““Sir” Nigel Goldman update”

  1. Mrs EWN had a long leisurely lunch, with best dinner guest ever needed at a supper table……………did he not like breakfast, then ????
    Or was the lunch so long, that he stayed for dinner and supper before scarpering to Morocco ??

  2. See my blog on Olive Press – Nigel Goldman has been spotted again in Morocco three days ago – he has lost a lot of weight and has died his hair black and grown a moustache – he was very surprised to be recognised and fled from the bar he was spotted in at once – whoever thought this guy would hang about in the UK and wait for a knock on the door from Action Fraud UK must need their head examining

  3. He’s welcome to the place. Doubt he’ll have the balls to show his face in Spain again!

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