I want to bring AC/DC to Almeria!

Says Almería’s premier festival organiser, Santiago Gallego, owner of 4 Rosas Producciones Artísticas. It’s not as fantastic as it may seem – Santiago has worked with them on their previous tours of Spain, and has bought in the past groups such as U2 and Rolling Stones as well as singers such as Julio Iglesias and Rod Stewart. “We have projects and discussions with several international stars for 2014…. but no hints! he told El Almeria. Continue reading I want to bring AC/DC to Almeria!

“Sir” Nigel Goldman update

I see with interest that my previous posts on this character – wanted in Spain for trading and investing with a license, dispensing financial advice on Spectrum FM and in the EuroWeeklyNews without a license, and losing almost a million euros of his clients money – are receiving high traffic. Well over a thousand individual hits, most from up and down the coast, lots of subscribers and quite a few site searches. Well, Paul contacts Continue reading “Sir” Nigel Goldman update

Balearic Isles drops “all signs to be in Catalan” law

Back in the heyday of 2001, the Balearic Isles government passed  a law saying that all shop signs and notices had to be in Catalan, with Castillano (Spanish) an optional second. Fines for failing to comply with the linguistic Nazi police in their endeavours carried fines of between €1,501 to €60,000. President Bauzá says this is all a load of bureaucratic nonsense, and has said he will remove all this linguistic stuff in the forthcoming Continue reading Balearic Isles drops “all signs to be in Catalan” law