More than 50% want a Spanish Republic for first time in modern history

King Juan Carlos has seen his approval rating plummet yet again, and for the first time in modern Spanish history, more than 50% of Spanish have said they don’t approve of a Monarch being Head of State.

However, his son Prince Felipe has seen his handling of the corruption crisis striking at his sister and father improve his own ratings – 66% of the nation think he’s doing a good job, and 57% agree that the prestige of the Monarchy will improve once he accedes to the Throne.

King Juan Carlos (¡Juancaaaar!) saw his approval rating drop to 41.3% in 2013. His Reign has, likewise, dropped to an approval rating of just 49.9%.

Juancar has been hard hit by allegations of sexual impropriety (fine at 50, not so good at 75), the revelations of how unhappy he has made his wife, Queen Sofia, and of course the corruption enquiry against his elder daughter and son-in-law (she’s skipped the country until it all blows over, he’s trying to stay out of prison).

This was a really bad idea, and even worse idea to print it
This was a really bad idea, and even worse idea to print it

The results come from a national end of year survey by Sigma Dos for El Mundo.

The biggest drop in the support for the Monarchy is amongst Spains battered youth sector.

78.5% of under 29’s said they would vote for Juancar’s abdication in a referendum.

The biggest drop in his popularity was when he broke his hip shooting elephants in Botswana accompanied by an attractive young blonde German woman. Spaniards felt it just “wasn’t on”. They weren’t too bothered about the German lass Corianna (although the thought of this elderly greatgrandfather chasing young blondes was a bit creepy) but nobody approved of him spending public money in the depths of la crisis to kill elephants.

A series of health issues caused great amusement in the Spanish popular press, especially when he fell over several times. A series of embarrassing gaffes by the King generally lead to the idea that he’d lost the plot.

And then a series of books and articles came out revealing just how sad his wife Queen Sofia has been throughout her life. She came to Spain speaking little Spanish, and has never integrated or formed a close circle of friends here, and her husbands constant infidelities (he even tried it on with Diana once, causing a nasty scene with Charles) were a constant source of worry.

See the whole results of the poll here.

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