Late & no disgraced royals – Princess Royal finally sends out Xmas cards

Late and with no pictures of the disgraced Royal couple – the Princess Royal has finally gotten around to sending out her family Christmas cards, and only the kids appear.

Disgraced royal consort Iñaki Urdangarin and the will-she won’t-she be arrested Princess Royal Cristina only dropped the cards in the post on the 2nd of January.

Hello, where's the happy couple? She's fled the country and he's on bail
Hello, where’s the happy couple? She’s fled the country and he’s on bail

Infanta Cristina selected a photo of her four kids -Juan, Pablo, Miguel & Irene- with a backdrop of a mountain which is assumed to be in Switzerland, which is where she’s hiding out until the corruption allegations can be arranged to be dropped. (Officially, she’s gone to Geneva to be a UN ambassador of some sort).

The photo looks like it was hastily done the day the order had to be sent off to Vistaprint.

However, both Cristina and Urdangarin have signed the cards.

It’s believed that Carlos García Revenga, the personal secretary to the Royal Kids -and, by the way, on trial for helping Urdangarin steal millions of euros from the public purse using his royal connections – finally convinced Cristina to send out the cards, better late than never.

Cristina, who signs off as “Infanta de España“, fell off the official Christmas Card from the Royal Family last year as the corruption wave broke – the King & Queen sent their own cards without their daughter. Her sister Elena has been sending her own family cards for a few years now without comment, and this year promptly sent her cards out early with a nice picture of Mallorca.

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