Ortega Cano’s son denied bail as judge reckons he’s a flight risk…

Ortega Cano’s son has been denied bail until his trial as a judge reckons he’s likely to skip bail. A nasty piece of work, was the judge’s decision, “who habitually uses extreme violence to obtain his aims”.

It’s a stunning turn around for the torero family, especially as the decision comes from a Seville court – Seville is well known for its “turn a blind eye” to all the little judicial scrapes by toreros and flamenco dancers.

Ortega Cano is the famous bullfighter who has just been found guilty of manslaughter after a drunken hit and run a few years ago.

Hey, Ortega Cano Sr himself was originally let off the manslaughter charges, and police tampered with the evidence to make sure he wasn’t charged – he was only taken down by a extremely public private prosecution by the family of the man he hit when drunkenly driving at speeds of over a 100kph.

His son, not to be outdone, is on trial accused of recently having got into a drink and drug fuelled fight at a party in a brothel in which he beat someone up, stole his wallet and car, maxed out the victims credit cards and eventually torched his car.

When questioned by police, he attacked the coppers.

The Judge also rejected a request by the defense that the kid be sent to a secure drug rehabilitation clinic, saying that whilst he presents clear signs of drink and drug addiction, this was not the motivation for the attack.

José Fernando, as he is, was expelled from a “prestigious English boarding school” a couple of years ago, although the family denied this and said he had decided to return to Seville to support his father through his court case.  Since then, he’s constantly been in the news, whether for having a relationship with a woman 15 years older than he is, or for famously goading a bull and almost being smeared to a pulp.

Leaving the bullfighting to Daddy, son.
Leaving the bullfighting to Daddy, son.

He’s currently looking at a jail sentence of between 5 and 8 years. Far longer, for some reason, than the Dad is getting for killing someone and driving off.

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