Spanish CD sales at an all time low

So it turns out that to get your CD into the Spanish Christmas top 40, you only had to sell 500 copies this year.

To get into the top 10 during the peak sale week of between the 9th and 15th of December, you only had to sell 2,000 copies… and the number one spot was taken with sales of just 8,500 copies. That’s physical sales and digital downloads.

This isn’t an indication of an industry in trouble, it’s an indication of an industry that’s dead.

The company that compiles the Top 100 list in Spain refuses to release sales data, but someone leaked the database this year to music site In fact, they used to release the sales data, but stopped a few years ago, at the beginning of la crisis when piracy started biting hard.

More interesting stats: Katy Perry’s only sold 4,000 copies of her latest album in Spain, and pop sensation Carlos Baute sold just 3,500 copies in 11 weeks despite being plastered on every TV programme in the country. Although that might be bec

Eminen, Britney Spears and Little Mix have all failed to reach the 2,000 barrier for their latest albums.

It’s not all bad news: Pablo Alboran has sold a whopping 350,000 copies of his album “Tanto”, and Alejandro Sanz has shifted 102,000 copies of his album “La Musica no se Toca” (got to pay for that Miami beach hut somehow).

Here’s the full list:

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