Madonna opening a flamenco school in Los Angeles

It seems that pop singer Madonna has a lighter side to her personality – she’s an avid fan of flamenco. So avid, she’s opening a flamenco school, in Los Angeles of all places. A “close friend in the flamenco world” is selecting teachers at the moment, and Madonna was recently out there selecting a venue.

She first fell in love with flamenco on a girls weekend in Madrid in the 90’s. The sister of politician Esperanza Aguirre, Piedad, invited her to a private flamenco show, along with Miguel Bosé, Pedro Almodovar and Rosario Flores and she was hooked.

Madonna insisted the dancers danced till past four in the morning, and struck up “a good relationship” with Antonio Carmona, the famed flamenco artist. (Not our local hotel owner and chef).

She also made another trip once to Spain to see child prodigy Farruco, and broke into his routine to dance with him during his act. Farruco later said that she fell in love with his dancing, he fell in love with her generosity and humility. He’s lucky she didn’t try to adopt him.

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