A somewhat photoshopped King Juan Carlos in Hola! magazine

The King of Spain has appeared on the cover of Hola!, the Spanish edition of Hello! magazine.

Strong and powerful, as a King should be
Strong and powerful, as a King should be

Naughty bloggers, of which DJ.info is proudly one, have commented that he seems a bit… photoshopped.

Juan in a (non photoshopped) photo

A slightly less lined brow, and a strong posture from someone who can’t walk without a cane after two hip operations. He is looking fitter after loosing 14 kilos after his last operation.

King Juan Carlos appears relaxed in an unusual sports combination, and appears in a number of family situations round the back of his Palace, La Zarzuela, which appears to be an extra large bungalow.

And thank god he’s finally shaven off that damned beard that made him look like Captain Haddock off Tintin.

Captain Haddock? The King last year.

His two favourite dogs also appear in the photos, but no family members.

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