Palace denies rumors of rift in Prince Felipe’s marriage on his birthday

It’s his 46th birthday, but instead of kicking back and enjoying himself, Prince Felipe is finding himself embroiled in new rumours about the state of his marriage. Things haven’t been helped by an statement from the Palace (la Zarzuela) which spoke of altibajos in his marriage, the usual “ups and downs” after 10 years together. Altibajos are usually more bajo than alto…

Madrid frees up restaurant rules

Madrid has approved a new series of bylaws which remove all restrictions on restaurant sizes, kitchen size and installations, and locations on restaurant installations. Indeed, restaurants with less than 200 square meters of total space will be allowed to have just one unisex toilet, and even smaller restaurants won’t have to have indoor bins. The idea is to free up restaurants to allow “creative cooking” to flourish, explains Mayor Ana Botella. She wants chefs to Continue reading Madrid frees up restaurant rules

Andalucian hospitals “look the other way” as A&E departments collapse

The nurses union has joined forces with patient organisations to denounce the “atrocious” state of Andalucian hospitals. They have published a series of damning reports of patient overcrowding, doctors working so long they faint, patients being sent home unattended, and the like. However, the Andalucian Health Service (SAS) continues to deny that anything is wrong, and says that the nurses union SATSE is simply blowing things out of proportion. The directors of two Seville hospitals, Continue reading Andalucian hospitals “look the other way” as A&E departments collapse

Galasa proposes hefty water price hike

GALASA, the water company for most of the Levante, has asked to increase its fixed cost for having a water connection by €9 a month. It’s idea is to have all customers on the same basic water rate. Currently, depending on which town you live in, your standing cost for a water meter can vary immensely. Depending on where you live, the increase could be 300%. The proposal is being sent out to all townhalls Continue reading Galasa proposes hefty water price hike

Catholic TV channel “MariaVision” goes bust

MariaVision was an almost national TV channel dedicated to Catholic affairs. It had no publicity and relied solely on donations from viewers. Unsurprisingly, it’s just gone bust. Surprisingly, it’s last since 2010. Even more surprisingly, it’s big in South America, from whence it came. MariaVision was, for a while, in a commercial tie up with COPE, the Church backed national radio broadcaster, with which it launched Popular+Vision, but they had a bustup and went their Continue reading Catholic TV channel “MariaVision” goes bust