Lion cubs seized at Sevilla party

Kiko Rivera – a well known fat idiot – is in hot water with animal lovers after allegations that police raided an exclusive party he was giving due to complaints he had two lion clubs on display from the local zoo.

Kiko is well known in Spain for being the gormless son of Isabel Pantoja – singer and thief who plundered Marbella’s public treasury along with then boyfriend Julian Muñoz, despite being found guilty she’s never spent time in jail or even lost her Daughter of Andalusia Medal – and some bullfighter whose name I’ve forgotten. His official job description is “DJ”, although in reality it’s the closest Spain has gotten to Peter Andre (but without bothering with the fitness routine).

Kiko Rivera - Spain's answer to Peter Andre?
Kiko Rivera – Spain’s answer to Peter Andre?

Not that he’s ever done anything interesting, apart from being a spoilt brat.

Anyway, he hired the lion clubs from Seville zoo for his party.  The private company that runs the zoo, however, didn’t have permissions for the transport and exhibition of lions in Spain, so the Guardia made them take them back.

A complaint was lodged by concerned citizens after Kiko’s adopted sister posted this picture of herself on twitter:

How the other half live, eh. On our stolen taxpayers money, none the less!


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