Cava loses out to milk and beer this NYE on Spanish TV

Nope, it’s not the Catalan boycott, it’s the power of the northern Advertising Euro.

Estrella Galicia has bought the rights to be the drink of choice this NYE on all four private national broadcasters: La Sexta and Antena 3 (Atresmedia group), Cuatro and Telecinco (Mediaset).

All the stars will be drinking Estrella Galicia instead of the traditional Catalan bubbly along with their grapes.

But not on some of the secondary national channels and regional channels – Leche Puleva Asturiana has managed to buy those rights, meaning the poor presenters have to chug down milk and grapes. Ugh.

Coca Cola has won the advertising battle to be the first ad of the year – once that clock stops booming, we’ll all cut to the ads and see Coca Cola all over our screens, which ever channel we’re on.

The last ad of the year on Telecinco, by the way, will cost €95,000 for a 20 second spot. The first ad of the year just €70,000.

TVE, just to be nasty to those poor downtrodden Catalans, may well opt again for French Champagne rather than Cordeniu.

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