Naughty “Sir Nigel Goldman” in the Olive Press

Nigel Goldman continues to make news as his duped investors pour into their local Guardia Civil stations (standing room only at Turre last week I’m told), this time on the front page of the Olive Press, where I also get a pat on my head.

Read it here: “Where’s naughty Nigel?

Says The Olive Press:

One restaurant Frankies, in Marbella port, banned him from the weekly tournament in September after he was caught marking cards.

Its owner said: “Scottish Jim nearly swung for him, he had taken a couple of hundred off him before we realised. He is blackballed now and is no longer welcome at any of the poker places in Marbella.”

I await news of his extradition with interest. I doubt he’ll willingly return to Spain, but with so many UK residents being his targets he’ll probably have a nasty shock back in the UK.  He’s a convicted fraudster who spent 4 years in a UK jail for conning pensioners out of their savings, then wrote a book about his exploits, of which one reviewer said “he writes of his victims with utter contempt, as if he blamed them for trusting him”.


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