Earthquake hits Mojacar

A magnitude 2.8 earthquake hit Mojacar this morning at 08:35:49 local time, at about 8km underground.

Woke me up, what about you?

Earthquake in Mojacar
Earthquake in Mojacar

There was a further earthquake at around 03:26:15 in the Alboran sea, in front of the Granada coast, but near the Moroccan side, of magnitude 4, which we probably felt as well.

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  1. Wasn’t it 8.35? I was awake already but it woke the dog who went mad and was enough to shake the mouse and wake up my computer too.

  2. D’oh!
    The seismic institute records all events as GMT. I copied and pasted the time from their webpage without looking at it.

    Since we’re at GMT+1 local time, yes, it happened at 8:35 local time, not 7:35 as I originally posted. Well spotted!

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