Womens rights go backwards as Spain bans abortion

Spain has decided to ban abortions, unless two doctors recommend it. The new law will basically roll the clock back to the pre-1985, when Spain first permitted abortion.

Currently, women have the right to abort on their own decision up to 14 weeks, or 22 weeks if doctors detect an abnormality in the foetus, or if the mother’s mental state or physical health is endangered.

Under this new law, abortion is not permitted unless two independent doctors recommend it, and will be regulated under the Penal Code. The right of the Mother to decide in the first 14 weeks of gestation has been removed. The doctors must both agree that the life or mental health of the Mother is in danger. However, a woman can ask for an abortion if they have conceived due to a denounced rape, up to 12 weeks after the attack.

Underage women cannot have an abortion in any case unless their parents are informed and agree. Abortion in the case of malformation of the foetus is no longer permitted unless it endangers the health of the Mother.

Feminist groups across Spain have been out in arms over this new law. The biggest complaint is that the current law (from 2010) expressly stated that abortion was the right of the Mother and removed the issue from the Penal Code, turning it into a civil rights issue. However, this new law has removed this right, and turned it back into a Penal Code issue, in effect, removing in law the right of women to decide their own future.

The new abortion Law will now be sent for final approval and voting on, although it’s expected that the PP can force it through as is.

Next stop: overturning gay marriages. Hasn’t this government got anything more important to do? Like the 56% youth unemployment rate? Or sorting out the electricity issue?

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