Judges petition for politicians not to escape jail by asking for pardon

So… Spain has an interesting little law that says that politicians sent to jail for corruption, shouldn’t actually be locked up if their petition for a public pardon be accepted (it always is.. sigh) until the decision comes through.

And normally… the decision is that they should be pardoned…..

Hey, did you know the current Mayor of Turre  was pardoned once? After being banned from office? And yet, still gets voted in? Probably because he’s the best of a bad bunch. Anyway. I digress. He was only ever banned from holding public office, not actually jailed.

Anyway, the Judges of Spain have held their annual conference, and in a unusual move, have issued a series of recommendations which they say will make Spain more fair. And reduce social unrest.

Another recommendation is that the experts appointed for the forensic examination of financial crimes be designated by an investigative Judge, instead of the local politician, as is the present system. Get the trick there?

A further recommendation is for the creation of a “flying squad” of judges to be sent to regional courts which are under special stress. The idea is that when a regional court gets snowed under by cases for whatever reason, they can ask for temporary backup to get back up to speed.

The Judges have ended up by recommended an “ethical recreation of society in all of its aspects”.

Whodathunkit…. judges with an ethical conscience.

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