Messi’s Dad implicated in money laundering scam for drug lords

The father of Barcelona FC starJorge  Messi is implicated in a massive drug money laundering scam, using the foundation his son setup to help disadvantaged kids, according to El Mundo.

You’ll remember that Messi was arrested earlier in the year accused of tax evasion. It seems that the thing is even larger than him fiddling his taxes – his Pa seems to have been hanging out with the wrong sort.

The allegations say that it seems that Messi Sr. has been channelling Colombian drug money through the “Amigos de Messi” foundation in order to launder it. The Messi family


hail from Argentina.

The issue is under judicial secrecy, but Messi Sr and several other high profile names at Barcelona FC have been interviewed by the fiscal crimes unit of the Guardia Civil relating to this matter.

No arrests have been made yet. Footballer son has not, it seems, been directly implicated.

The only reason I knew who Messi was is because of a good Spanish joke I know:

A Priest pats a young boy on the head and asks him “And you, young lad, when you grow up, do you want to be Cristiano (Christian)?”

No, replies the young lad, “I’d rather be Messi”.

Get it?

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