Marbella to imitate Dubai and allow modern skyscrapers

Marbella council has voted to allow skyscrapers of up to 50 stories to be built in the iconic town.

Up to five of the massive tower blocks will be permitted.
“Can you imagine Dubai but with lush palms, homes with sea views but hidden from sight, all under one amazing mountain?” enthuses councillor for urban planning Pablo Moro as he announced the changes.

That is one ugly tower block
That is one ugly tower block

Well… no, but I can some prat trying to turn Marbella into Benidorm.

Moro has rejected criticism of the plans by explaining that “Paris also rejected the Eiffel Tower at the start”.

Many of Marbella’s rich and famous are horrified at the plans, and are starting petitions to stop the plans.

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  1. Morning David, love the new layout, much easier on the eyes, not so sure the skyscraper in Marbella will have be.

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