IU wants to up utility bills to pay for the poor in Andalucia

Commie Andalucian coalition partners the IU a proposing a bill which will tax utilities in order to pay for free water & elec for the poor.

The idea is to tax the utilities (who can then pass the tax onto the consumers, ie, you and me) and the money will go into government coffers.

Then, when Perico’s last burro shuffles off the mortal coil (possibly by stepping on his last egg producing hen), meaning he can no longer till his government granted farm (see IU-Andalucia wants to expropriate land not used for 2 years and give it to the poor) he can go to the kind caring Junta de Andalucia who will pay for his water and electricity.

Of course, those with any money (ie, those fat bastards from abroad who come and live off the fat of the Andalucian land with their foreign pensions) will have to pay for all this, via higher utility bills.

Who makes up the IU now the greens have left? Commies!
Who makes up the IU now the greens have left? Commies!

The BBC, meanwhile, reckons that utilities in Spain are even more expensive than in the UK – the average kw/h is almost a third more in Madrid than London (see here).

You see, the IU promised some time ago to help the poor (those on the social rent income from the Junta) to offset their water & elec. But since the public coffers are empty, there simply isn’t any money to do this. So they’re going to steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Here’s an idea: STEAL LESS. Then we’ll have more money in our pockets. How much was stolen in the ERE? Well over a billion.

Why, some chaps in El Ejido alone stole 250 million euros without anyone noticing…. (and nobody has been condemned yet!).

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  1. more expensive electricity in order to pay for unemployed bills. I don’t agree. For one there should be a public audit in place to prove the action. i.e. how much did go to the unemployed. This should be published on a website on a bi-monthly basis


    In my experience all these goody-two-shoes schemes are just rip-off scams for the company to earn more profits on already high prices.

    Like charities, the person needing help gets only pennies on the dollar and the fat lazy employees of the charity pocket the money.

    My charity is to help the person next door, that way I have an automatic audit and ge to know my neighbor. If you dont have a poor neighbor then seek one out and go one to one.

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