Palomares triple killer to be retried

The Palomares man who killed three Gitanos in Palomares (Father, Mother and son) after several years of being blackmailed and victimised by them, is to be retried after being found innocent last year of their murders.

Jose was found to be innocent of murder by a Jury in Almería courts after the jury heard he was “unstable” after having part of his nose bitten off by one of the gypsies in a fight earlier that day. The family, it seems, had been living off him for years via extortion and physical violence, and when he finally lodged a series of police complaints, he was repeatedly beaten up by the family, with the police apparently helpless to intervene.

He eventually snapped, got a shotgun, and shot all three dead in the main square of Palomares.

Anyway, despite being found mentally unstable at the moment of the killings (and so absolved of murder) he’s now to be retried by the Supreme Court for the killing of the Mother (and only her) on a bit of a technicality.

The public prosecutor reckons the defense of mental instability is insufficient to explain away why he killed the mother.

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