Almeria’s Mayor protests Junta’s footdragging over 14 year townhall reform…

The Mayor of Almería has hung out huge banners protesting at the Junta’s refusal to continue the reform of his townhall, which started in 2000.

That’s right – almost 14 years ago, the Junta started works to reform the old building in Almería city. They finished the first phase, and then the money for the second phase never turned up, so the builders refused to continue.

Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendador, Mayor of Almería, used a Spanish equivalent of “they’re taking the pee now” and ordered some massive banners to be hung up outside his building, saying “Works paralized by the Junta de Andalucia”.

Well, the outside’s pretty…

The Junta’s spokesperson in Almería, Sonia Ferrer, called it a cheap political move which is “ridiculous and not very serious, and only looking for confrontation with the Administration”. A visibly angry Mayor Luis replied in a press conference that he was sick of being lied to, and it was time the citizens knew of the Junta’s incompetence.

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