The birth of Los Gallardos – 1924 to 1927

My latest history pamphlet is out! Just in time for the 90th anniversary of Los Gallardos.

In 1924 a small village called Los Gallardos broke away from its mountain neighbour of Bedar and formed an independent new village in Almeria, southern Spain.The birth of Los Gallardos

This is the story of these first steps of an independent and proud village that was only founded 50 years before independence.

Here I investigate how independence came about, the key first steps of the new village Council, important figures in this transformation, and the first major public works that the village of Los Gallardos was to take.

See how electricity first came to the village, the history of the Alfaix public spas, the construction of the Church, and how villagers clubbed together to ensure access to health and education for all.

You can purchase the pamphlet in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format here:

Or you can get it in Kindle eBook format via Amazon here (

5 Replies to “The birth of Los Gallardos – 1924 to 1927”

  1. I loved it – very interesting to anyone who lives hereabout. Looking forward to your next one.

  2. How about in PAPER ? We don’t have Adobe Acrobat on either of our computers – can’t get it.

    What other pamphlets have you written ?

    I first went to Mojacar in Jan. 1962 and to Bedar in 1963 (with Fritz on the back of my motorcycle) so am interested in further research of the area.

  3. Right, but the iPad won’t accept it, and our other computer is on dial-up, and it takes too long to load. The connection cuts out. Funny to think that Bedar has better internet service than here in the USA. We live in a remote place with no broadband service. Guess we’ll have to move back to Bedar – there from ’73 to ’77. Again, how about in paper ??

  4. Sadly, unless demand is greater than I anticipate, a print run would probably be uneconomical. Or are there more people out there who would like me to run off a run? Could probably do it if 40 or 50 people wanted it.

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