Granada must pay compensation for crushing a new Lamborghini

Granada council has been ordered to pay €76.733 after it sold a mans Lamborghini for scrap.

The error occurred after the Local Police towed a 140 Gallardo Lamborghini that was seized after being driven in a dangerous manner in 2010. It was taken to the municipal car deposit as evidence until the court case.

Sale of the century – scrap metal!

After the court case was resolved in early 2011, the Judge ordered the return of the vehicle to its owner. However, when he went to pick it up…. it wasn’t there.

It turns out that due to an administrative oversight it was marked as “abandoned” and so the pound had sold it for scrap to a local scrap metal dealer. (Suspicious….)

The owner sued Granada townhall and has now been awarded the market value of the vehicle at the time of sale.

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