More staff but fewer snowploughs for Almeria

The Junta has just released its two year “snow budget” for the provinces, and Almería will lose 20 machines from its fleet of anti-snow vehicles.

However, we get an additional 35 staff, as part of Andalusia’s fight against unemployment.

So… 20 vehicles cut, and instead an additional 35 untrained blokes with shovels. Hmm.

In all, there will be 42 vehicles destined towards fighting snow, of which 7 are snowploughs, and 160 staff. They will have a stockpile of 447.6 tons of road salt. I assume the other 35 vehicles are vans to move the 160 staff around, which works out at 4.5 people per van (gotta leave room for those shovels).

This little army is destined towards keeping the main roads open, mainly through the high passes in the north and northeast of the province.

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