Almería gets Spains 4th homemade 3d printer

From the press, you’d have thought that 3d home printing was The Next Big Thing and we’d be expecting every UK kid to be screaming for one this Christmas.

However, stunned us (me) today by saying Spain only has three 3d printers and that two uni students at Almeria Uni have just built the fourth.

There must be more than 3…. they only cost a few hundred euros? I don’t think I believe that headline. Anyway.

Juan González and Javier Rodríguez, both engineering students, have built the machine from “parts off the web”. Right. It´s hardly cutting edge; no wonder the economy is in the doldrums.

Spains fourth 3D printer

Amongst other things the chaps have made are a replication of their hand, and a small owl. As a geek, I’m jealous.

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