Blue Lagoon in Mojacar closes

The Blue Lagoon was a reference for Mojacar throughout the recession years.

It became famous when la crisis started for its “credit crunch lunch”, its innovative marketing techniques, and, possibly, for helping to kick off a price war between Mojacars beachside expat food bars.

It always seemed busy and always seemed to be a reference for people up and down the coast.

But yesterday came the news that it would be the last day, an impromptu party was held, and now they have finally signed off on Facebook:

Well it’s finally happened and the Blue Lagoon is closed. Very emotional morning. We would like to thank all of you who have supported the place. It won’t be the same without seeing Roy everyday at the end of the bar, or the football crowd every weekend, hymer lot in March (Rita, Graham and all the others) and especially our regulars. We have made a lot of very good friends here and hope to keep in touch with them. If you want to keep in touch please use our personal Facebook pages. Last but not least we would like to give a very big thank you to Geoff , Enid Lynn and Karen (sorry couldn’t speak yesterday, bit emotional!) Also the people who have helped us behind the scenes Alan & Josie, Vicky & John & Tommy. Keep in touch. Love to you all Tracy & Graham x x

Truly, the end of an era for Mojacar.

4 Replies to “Blue Lagoon in Mojacar closes”

  1. Have spent many happy hours here over the years whilst living and holidaying in Mojacar. From the race nights, football matches, menu del dia, and the disposable table cloths with crayons for drawing on. My office was just a couple of doors away and we used to come and sit on the lovely breezy terrace with a cool drink to escape the heat of the office before we got air conditioning fitted! Thanks for the memories and all the best to you all.

  2. 🙁 So sad to read of this fantastic place closing. Where will we go now for all our sports and meals?? Best wishes to Tracy and Graham in your next endeavours – you will be sadly missed. PS If you open a bar anywhere else can we still use our Blue Lagoon cards :mrgreen:

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