New forums for Arboleas and Albox villages have been launched

A press release reaches me from a Steve Parkinson, local resident, letting me know that two new forums for Arboleas and Albox have been setup. I don’t “do” local forums as they depress me and then I go and drink too much in order to forget, but it’s nice to see the local expat community joining together.

The addresses: and

Steve tells me: My ethos for the forum is:

Forum rules

Be warned that we have zero tolerance to aggressive/insulting
behaviour towards other members, this site will not tolerate cyber
machos. Heated debate about general topics are ok (eg The Government are
a bunch of robbing *astards = ok), but personal attacks or insults to
other members, about their opinions or views, will not be tolerated. You
will be banned immediately without warning. If you don’t like what you
are reading… go somewhere else. There are other forums where that kind
of stuff thrives… not here. I believe this will not be a problem for
99.9% of the people that use this forum.

There are no advertising banners, members are FREE to promote
themselves in the “Local Businesses” section and in relevant post.
Hyperlinks to your website are also permitted without constant demand
for more money

Thanks. Admin.

7 Replies to “New forums for Arboleas and Albox villages have been launched”

  1. In the days of the build up to the last local elections, there were four English forums in the Valle del Almanzora, all banging on about whether Roger the politician knew his stuff or not. One at least continues, known as the Blue Forum, and it is very active indeed (contrast with the two main Almeria English forums, both all but dead in the water).

  2. I have received an email from almeriaforums exhorting me to join them. Have they taken my address from the blue forum? If so I am not happy!
    The problem with the mojacar ones is they are poorly moderated so attract a lot of moronic comments

  3. See today’s Mail on Line about Albox, absolutely frightening article about property owners being caught out by iffy planning regulations. Keep well away from buying in Spain.

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