Home demolished in Malaga with heavy police protection

A large police operation cordoned off a home in Alhaurin el Grande (Malaga) which was demolished today.

Home being demolished in Malaga

A protest by the pressure group “Stop Derribos” failed to prevent the machines reaching the home after they were moved away by riot police, according to local press.

The home has been condemned since 2010, but repeated actions by the townhall lead to the sentence being constantly put off.

It seems the demolition was delayed as the Junta had to bring in workers from outside the area as three local firms refused to demolish the home, all stating that they thought the order was unjust and they didn’t want to be part of this barbarity.

The owner, by the way, is a Spanish family,

Diario Sur.

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  1. Spain’s madness is even now destroying the goodwill home investors once felt for it. Those who understand warped mentality and the full implications fo these demolitions will not forgive the government agencies and individuals who are persisting in this activitity.
    The Pope of Rome was always empowered to issue Special Dispensations for some but not for others; (depended on bribe level) .Why not adopt this ‘noble’ practrice for houses given illegal licences by corrupt mayors and builders, and destroy these pirate’s homes – or raffle their homes for at least one lucky potential home- loser in their area. Badly, badly handled Spain!!!!. Shame on you.

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