Eccehomo priest nabbed for running off with the cash

Remember last years “Ecce homo” fun? When an old dear decided the mural of her church needed restoring, did it herself, it looked like a muppet and the original mural turned out to be a priceless work of art? And then loads and loads of tourists started turning up to gawk at it? Anyway, in a further blow to whatever belief we had left in Humanity, the Catholic priest at that Church has just been Continue reading Eccehomo priest nabbed for running off with the cash

Orange storm alert along coast for this Sunday

An Orange alert has been issued along the coast of Almeria warning of strong winds and high tides. Civil protection reckons we could be looking at gale force 8 winds starting Sunday afternoon as a storm blows in, and warns people not to approach the sea. They also ask homeowners to ensure nothing can be blown off roof patios onto the streets below.

Granada must pay compensation for crushing a new Lamborghini

Granada council has been ordered to pay €76.733 after it sold a mans Lamborghini for scrap. The error occurred after the Local Police towed a 140 Gallardo Lamborghini that was seized after being driven in a dangerous manner in 2010. It was taken to the municipal car deposit as evidence until the court case. After the court case was resolved in early 2011, the Judge ordered the return of the vehicle to its owner. However, Continue reading Granada must pay compensation for crushing a new Lamborghini

More staff but fewer snowploughs for Almeria

The Junta has just released its two year “snow budget” for the provinces, and Almería will lose 20 machines from its fleet of anti-snow vehicles. However, we get an additional 35 staff, as part of Andalusia’s fight against unemployment. So… 20 vehicles cut, and instead an additional 35 untrained blokes with shovels. Hmm. In all, there will be 42 vehicles destined towards fighting snow, of which 7 are snowploughs, and 160 staff. They will have Continue reading More staff but fewer snowploughs for Almeria

Macael townhall has an illegal electric connection

Turns out Macael townhall has spent the last five years being illegally connected to the electric network – the electric company has just found out and denounced them. The Mayor of Macael explains that after a reform of the townhall five years ago, the electricians connected the new part of the building back to the network without bothering to go through the meter. So the main meter was only supplying a small part of the townhall, Continue reading Macael townhall has an illegal electric connection

Yellow snow alert in province for Tuesday and Wednesday

Almeria is on yellow snow alert as temperatures drop to -4ºC Tuesday night! Nacimimiento, Campo de Tabernas, Valle del Almanzora & Los Velez could receive up to 2 centimetres of snow, starting 10pm. The snow level could drop to about 700m according to the Met office. Although VERY cold it isn’t likely to rain too much.  

Cabo de Gata golf course planning permission denied

The Junta has refused planning permission for a new golf course in the Cabo de Gata area. ‘Promociones y Propiedades Inmobiliarias SA wanted to build 2,500 homes, 1000 hotel rooms and a 27 hole golf course in Nijar. The Junta, however, says that this would “favour a new urban settlement to the detriment of the natural area”. How times change…