Almeria airport strike ends

You might not have noticed, but Almeria airport has been on strike for 73 days now. Actually, it’s the Swissport ground handling staff, who went on strike back in August at 8 airports across Spain: Barcelona, Jerez, Almería, Alicante, Málaga, Fuerteventura, Valencia and Barajas cargo. The strike is now Spains longest airport strike. Swissport employees have been complaining about staff layoffs which, they say, meant those who remain have to work much harder, as well Continue reading Almeria airport strike ends

Manolo Escobar dies

Manolo Escobar, one of Spain’s most famous famous singers and songwriters, has passed away at the age of 82.   A local lad, originally from Las Norias (in El Ejido), he’s most famous amongst the Brits for his rousing last Franco-Era 1971 “¡Que viva España!”, the one we all sing on the plane to Benidorm after the duty free’s been round. Not that he was too proud of that one, he always considered his best song to Continue reading Manolo Escobar dies

Spanish “green tax” on fuel probably illegal, says EU

The “centime sanitario” tax levied on petrol and diesel is against EU legislation, according to Nils Whal, chief lawyer to the EU. The EU has taken the Spanish tax to the general court in Luxembourg which is expected to issue a ruling on the tax within the next few months. They are expected to rule against Spain, and order the return of around 13 billion euros collected via this tax. Spain was taken to the Continue reading Spanish “green tax” on fuel probably illegal, says EU

Cuevas central shops become an “open commercial centre”

Shopkeepers in Cuevas have united to form an “open commercial centre” will backing from the townhall and the Junta de Andalucía. Cuevas del Almanzora is now the third city in Almeria to have such a setup, coming after Almeria city centre and Adra. The idea behind the “open commercial centre” is that the central shops all join up as if they were a large outdoor shopping mall. They share promotions, links to one another’s shops Continue reading Cuevas central shops become an “open commercial centre”