El Mundo launches new mobile app and it´s rubbish

El Mundo has launched a new Android mobile app and, sorry, it´s rubbish.

(They won´t let me comment on the news story about it, so I thought I´d whine about it here).

So before I could select any Spanish region (ie, Andalucia regional news) within just two easy fingerclicks. Now, it takes me 4.

The lefthand menu is too big and clumsy, I have to scroll for ages up and down, going past lots of irritating options I don´t want like “society”, “TV”, “culture” and “bulls”.

And I suspect it doesn´t load as many news stories as previously, or at least, I seem to scroll past them faster than before.

Oh, and they want to charge for it as from January.

One plus – on the stories you can comment on, it´s easier than before, being built into the app. Although it´s a pain to share stories, having to open a browser window, then another to twitter.


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