Albox home demolitions hits UK press big time

Front page of The Times I noticed this morning. That’ll undo the millions spent this year trying to sell Spanish holiday homes to the British.
The article adds that this was a holiday home bought recently and the court accepted that the owners had no fault. No compensation however

“When we bought the house in 2005 it already had a demolition order on it but  our solicitor who was not a lawyer didn’t tell us that,” said Mr Brooks.

The lawyer has disappeared.

“We are paying for the corruption of others. Spain should be shamed,” Mr  Brooks added.

The British couple were excused of any wrongdoing because the court said that  they had acted in good faith.

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  1. Albox, would it be able to exist without the Brits…ask the shop owners, market traders, bar owners. As horrible as the place is ( little britain, in the worst sense), I do feel sorry for people conned by the corruption of the Spanish system,which still exists and takes advantage of people who trust the system.

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