Vera in trouble for cancelling offensive play

Vera townhall is in trouble for cancelling an “offensive” play poking fun at Easter in the municipal theatre.

“Estrella sublime” is a comedy which pokes fun at local Easter (semana santa) parades. It was due to open in Vera municipal theatre, but was pulled, allegedly after a complaint by local religious authorities, and was also cancelled in Écija (Sevilla) after complaints from the local Bishop or somewhat.

Given that the production company is called “Bastarda España” and they were run out of Seville by the religious nutters for the same reason, you´d have thought Vera would have thought twice before allowing them to stage it, if they were that sensitive.

Anyway, the production will now go ahead in Carboneras, after the Mayor of Carboneras said that he had no issues with it, and pointed out that the production company is backed by the Junta de Andalucía’s culture ministry. “We have no issue with irony and satire” said Salvador Hernandez, mayor of Carboneras.

Lola Marmolejo, head of the company, said that the play had been performed in Vera in 2004 to “full houses” and couldn´t understand the sudden change of heart by Vera townhall.

All local newspapers reporting on the story seem to end with the line “all attempts to contact the mayor of Vera have not been successful”, so old Jorge appears to be lying low. Even Europa Press haven´t got through.

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