FAGOR goes bust

Fagor, the people from up north who make white goods, went under today.

It´s part of a larger cooperative, Mondagrin, which has offered to relocate as many workers as possible for salaries of up to 80% of their original Fagor wage.

It seems the company say its sales plummet by about 70% since the crisis started. There´s a reason for that: they were junk.

Fagor made cheap and easily breakable white goods that were only bought by the builders who made thousands of homes and needed lots of cheap stuff exactly the same. Nobody in their right minds would go into a shop and ask for one. Every single Fagor white good that has ever passed through my hands has ended up in the tip soon after I moved in.

I don´t know what will happen to your guarantee and helpline if your Fagor good breaks (as it will) but since they never picked up the phone anyway, and once tried to charge me more for a replacement part for a fridge than the fridge was worth new, I doubt anyone will really care.

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