Mojacar beachbar to be razed by court order

After yesterdays excitement over the demolition of two homes above Cantoria, comes the news that a chiringuito in Mojacar is to be knocked down by court order and its owner fined 21.600€.

The beachbar, a white one on Playa del Descargador (I name no names, you know which one it is) was built without proper permissions for last years season by a chap from Garrucha.

Playa del Descargador is the one you find turning left at the Centro Comercial and heading towards Garrucha. So called because many years ago it had a jetty there for loading minerals onto passing boats.

The chap has 15 days to pay, and once his beachbar is knocked down, must “return the beach to its original state”, what ever that was.

Playa del Descargador, courtesy of

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  1. I have an apartment in the playa descargador area (al-basit)can you give me an update on which chiringuitp is for the chop.i hope not hola ola.cheers

  2. Everyone is assuming so. However, I understand that the owner is appealing [via Beachcomber John], so he’ll probably get a few more seasons out of it before the courts finally decide.

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