Speed limit increased to 130kph today, pedestrians to be breathalysed

A new traffic law will be signed into law today allowing the maximum speed limit on certain motorways to be increased to 130 kph. The speed limit won’t be increased at once, as the traffic police now have to draw up a decree ordering the changes in specific areas. The speed limit in urban areas is likely to be lowered, or left to town halls to decide.

On the downside, the fine for drink driving is now €1000 plus jail, etc.

Well…. it would be cheaper than the current crackdown

Under-18 cyclists must now wear helmets in urban areas. The wearing of bike helmets on rural roads continues to be obligatory.

And if a pedestrian is involved in an accident, they will be tested for drink and drugs to see if they could have caused the accident (ie, stepping out in front of a moving car), something of great relief to honest drivers everywhere, especially those in tourist destinations such as Mojácar in the summer.

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