6 towns in Andalucia are 50% foreign. 5 of those are in Almeria!

In 1998 there were about 100,000 foreigners living in Andalucía. By 2012, this had jumped to 750,000, or 8,8% of the population here.

Quite a few forasteros.

If Dumbledore lived in Arboleas

6 towns in Andalucía have more than 50% of foreigners resident on the padron. Of these, 5 are in Almeria: Arboleas (68,4%), Partaloa (62,4%) Mojácar (61,5%), Los Gallardos and Bedar. The first two are dumps, the third a fascist run right wing penal colony, the fourth a nice place to live and the last an even nicer place to live.

The other town is Benahavís in Málaga. I vaguely remember being there once, but it didn’t make much of an impression on me.

The average age of these residents is:

Arboleas  56; Partaloa, 55,5; Mojácar 49,5; Bédar 55,5; Los Gallardos, 52,9.

And yet Mojácar passes by as if it had never heard of a foreigner who might want to live there, and it was up to Huercal Overa to have the integration festival.

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  1. Tomorrow, Friday, is the Día Internacional del Turismo. Another day for Mojácar to firmly ignore…
    In all, between the foreigners in Mojácar, the foreigners not on the padrón in Mojácar and the forasteros in Mojácar, there are probably less mojaqueros de pura cepa than 25% of the entire inhabitants of the municipality. Luckily they control the entire town…

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