Spanish government considering switching nation to UK time

A government committee has been setup to investigate the benefits of switching Spanish clocks over the UK (GMT) time.
Currently Spain is an hour ahead of the UK (GMT+1).
An Orwellian sounding committee called Racionalización de Horarios, la Conciliación de la Vida Personal, Familiar y Laboral y la Corresponsabilidad del Congreso has been setup by request of Congress to see if putting the clocks back an hour would benefit Spains economy, after a subcommittee said that the move would improve people´s health and wellbeing.
“Spanish time is aligned to central Europe” said the subcommittee, “instead of a more logical Western European time zone”.
They also point out that most Spaniards tend to live “by the sun” rather than “by the clock” as the clock doesn’t really correspond with the sunlight.

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