Catalunya Banc to close all Andalucian offices at the end of the month

The newly formed Catalunya Banc (CatalunyaCaixa) will close all offices in Andalucia at the end of the month, leaving its Andalucian clients with the offer of internet only banking.

It only has three offices remaining in Almeria province after having closed several others last year.

Catalunya Banc was formed at the end of 2011 by the forced merger of several bankrupt Catalan caixas, and is currently majority owned by the state run FROB.

It has run up huge debts in its first full year of operations, and FROB has decided to scale it back to just the north of Spain. Their customers -the taxpayers who actually own this failed wreck- can take a running jump.

Expect more closures of banks and cajas to be announced in the following weeks as bankrupt banks across Spain obey new central Bank rules to cut costs in order to become profitable by firing thousands of staff and closing hundreds of offices!

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