Bankia closes almost all its offices in province, without bothering to tell you

Bankia, those little banking monkeys who were partly (yet heavily) responsible for bankrupting the nation, have quietly decided to close all offices in Almeria, with the exception of two in the capital. Everyone but a lucky few gets fired at the end of the month.

Oh, and they weren’t planning to tell you, their loyal customers, either – so far, nobody I know has actually received a letter from them, telling them about their plans. Instead, we learnt about it from the press when CCOO, the unions, denounced the redundancy plan earlier in the week. Bankia have since confirmed that yes, it’s laying off about 35% of it’s frontline bank staff.

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They have form for this – they did it to the Balearic Isles before the summer, leaving everyone on Minorca having to catch a ferry over to Majorca to visit their closest Bankia bank. “It’s only 40km” said Bankia in it’s statements – yes, a 40km ferry ride.

Customer service has never been a priority of Spanish banks, but this really does take the biscuit.


2 Replies to “Bankia closes almost all its offices in province, without bothering to tell you”

  1. David
    I have recieved 2no letters telling me that the Mojacar branch is closing down I have emailed them oficina_7916@bankia and telephoned several numbers but have no reply to close the account and transfer my money back to England. It’s not very much but have had no reply,would you know of any tel numbers or any other emails to try,the banking monkeys.
    Regards Paul.

  2. Looks like Bankia 1, Paul 0 !
    Best thing to do is just take all your money out of the account with a card, or over the counter, and post them back your account book.

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