Judge goes after Griñan and Chaves in corruption scandal rocking Andalucias government

Judge Alaya has formally requested the presence of the legal defense teams of ex-Presidents Griñán (he quit last week) and former President Chaves, the two former leaders of Andalucia, in the massive ERE corruption scandal rocking Andalucia.
The ERE scandal, for the uninitiated, is an investigation into the crooked payment of illegal pensions and redundancy payments (using over a billion euros of tax payers money) to political buddies in state owned companies across Andalucia. So far, 128 people have been formally charged by Judge Alaya, most of them former PSOE politicians and goverment flunkies.
The move is tantamount to placing charges against the two ex-Presidents – it´s a formal request to them to appoint lawyers to protect their interests in the case whilst the Judge decides which charges to press.
Griñan stepped down as President only last week, as it seemed clear that charges were going to be placed against him.
El Mundo has this (probably unconnected) but quite funny photo of the two of them, apparently hugging and crying:

The charges arrive and they got scared

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