Andalucia’s new President sworn in

Democracy was the only loser after Susana Diaz was voted in as the new President of Andalucia yesterday, during a confusing meeting in the regional Parliament where accusations of lying, corruption and blatant theft hang heavy over those present.
The PSOE’s coalition partner, the communist Izquierda Unida, showed their normal firm grasp on things important by attempting to hijack the vote to force the region to vote against the use of military force in Syria. (Eh?)
In the end, 58 voted for and 48 against. Several well known blowhards, such as the thieving MP Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo (the IU guy who keeps breaking into supermarkets to steal stuff “for the poor”) were present during the discussion but didn’t vote, in what can only be called hard core realpolitik.
Susana Diaz, the first female President of Andalucia, was the fourth Andalucian PSOE President to be rubber stamped into power by their predecessor. They were going to vote her in, but in the first round of voting she got around 15,000 votes against 500 to her closest rival, so the leadership decided it wasn’t actually necessary. The PP have declared this to be the “greatest voting fraud in the history of Andalucia”.
Today she was sworn in, and over the weekend will be appointing her ministers.

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