Mojacar losing blue flags was “an error” says organisation – they’re back!

The organisation in charge of blue flags now says Mojacar shouldn’t have lost its blue flags, and apologises for the confusion.

Yesterday ADEAC, in charge of blue flags, issued a press release withdrawing blue flags from 15 beaches across Andalucia due to health and safety issues, including all four blue flags issued to Mojacar.

This morning, ADEAC told EFE (the news agency) that actually, Moajcar shouldn’t have been on the list and they’ve only withdrawn 11 flags.

It seems that in early August ADEAC warning Mojacar townhall they had failed the quality tests and had 20 days to fix the problems. Mojacar managed to fix the problems for the next inspection, and so passed. However, ADEAC forgot to take Mojacar’s name off the list when it was published yesterday. Late last night, after a complaint from the townhall, they issued a rectification.

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