Berja big cat scare

Berja is in a state of panic after the Mayor hit the emergency button, after seeing a “panther” in the park.

The small town (above and to the left of Almeria city) has been running around in a panic ever since residents started reporting a large feline roaming loose in the local park. The Mayor went down to investigate, claims to have spotted it, and reckons that it’s a large black panther.

The local park has been sealed off for the last couple of days now, and SEPRONA police have setup a number of cages to try to lure the animal in.

More sober heads aren’t sure what it is, it could be a loose lynx, or a wild animal that has escaped from a private collector.

Or, it could be a large, overfed tabby.

Anyway, they want to catch it alive, and specialists from Tabernas zoo are aiding in the search.

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