Tarifa townhall in trouble for selling protected sanddune to Gib

Tarifa townhall is in trouble for selling off tons of sand from a protected sand dune to the Gib authorities.

The public Prosecutor (hey, they don’t have much else to do) has opened an official investigation after an ecologist group made a complaint.

It seems a local Spanish company won a contract to supply hundreds of tons of sand to Gib to infill reclaimed land from the sea.

Using a permit from Tarifa townhall, the company was digging up hundreds of tons of sand from the dunes behind the beaches in Tarifa and driving the lorry loads to Gib.

However, it seems that the company got a dodgy permit and just went to the nearest sand dune to grab as much sand as it could without bothering to worry about the legal niceties.

Given the current Spanish – Gib situation, they probably aren’t sitting very comfortably at the moment… More here.

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